1. Deposit is required and will be returned when inventory is checked
  2. Delivery charge is extra
  3. HST on all rentals
  4. Event setup is available
  5. Decorating services are available
  6. Dishes are to be scraped and not rinsed, and returned to shipping containers
  7. Glasses are to be drained, and placed back in box open end up
  8. The renter is responsible for  damaged, lost and broke items
  9. Full replacement value is charged for linen if damaged (eg, wax, burns, stains)
  10. Full invoice balance is due on customer pickup or delivery
  11. All rentals are to be returned 8.00am -12.00 noon Monday
  12. No rental item shall be left out overnight or exposed to weathers elements


  • Confirmed Numbers – All final numbers of items rented must be finalized 15 days prior to the rental day
  • Confirmed Orders – All rentals are reserved only when deposit is received
  • Delivery/Pickup – Rates will be quoted for ground level delivery & pickup. Must be arranged in advance
  • Tables & Chairs are to be stacked and place where they were delivered to
  • Linens must be dry and free of food waste and returned in supplied linen bags
  • Dishes – customers will be charged for breakage, damaged, or missing items. A charge will be applied for all boxes and containers not returned or damaged
  • Late Fee – $75 late charge will be charged if items not returned on time
  • Prices are subject to change