Food Service ~ Rental Pricing

Chaffing Dish$20.00Chaffing Dish, 5qt round$ 8.00
Serving Dishes, Utensils, TrayQuoteWater Pitcher, plastic$2.00
Water Pitcher, glass$2.50Cream & Sugar Set$2.50
Salt & Pepper Set$1.50Gravy Boats2.50
Coffee Urn$5.00Beverage Tub, small$5.00
Beverage Tub, medium$15.00Beverage Tub, large$25.00
Punch Bowl$5.00Coffee Perk (100 cup)$20.00
Coffee Perk (40 cup)$20.00Juice Dispenser$15.00
Utensil Bins$5.00Bus Bins$5.00

Prices listed are for single events.
Multiple day use to be prearranged before event.
Prices are subject to change.