Dishes ~ Rental Pricing

Dinner Plates (per dozen) Win II Pattern

$4.50Dinner Plates (per dozen) Concord Pattern
7″ Side Plates (per dozen)$4.506″ Side Plates (per dozen)$4.50
Soup Bowl (per dozen)$4.50Juice Glasses (per dozen)$4.50
Water Glasses (per dozen)$4.50Wine Glasses (per dozen)$4.75
Red Wine Glasses (per dozen)$5.00Water Goblet (per dozen)$5.00
Champagne Flute (per dozen)$5.00Martini Glass (per dozen)$5.00
16oz Beer Tumbler (per dozen)$4.50Stem Beer Glass (per dozen)$5.00
Mugs (per dozen)$4.50Cups & Saucers (per dozen)$4.50
Knife (per doz)$4.00Dinner Fork (per doz)$4.00
Dessert Fork (per doz)$4.00Teaspoon (per doz)$4.00
Soup Spoon (per doz)$4.00Steak Knife (per doz)$4.00
Knife (per doz)$4.50Dinner Fork (per doz)$4.50
Dessert Fork (per doz)$4.50Teaspoon (per doz)$4.50
Soup Spoon (per doz)$4.50

Prices listed are for single events.
Multiple day use to be prearranged before event.
Prices are subject to change.